Friday, March 18, 2011

Sunday, May 16, 2010

President's Message

Joe Sprekelmeyer, TAHS President

Oct 2010
DONATIONS: To those of you that donated to our Special Project Fund - thank you, thank you! We exceeded our goal and we are excited about getting the new equipment.

Heritage - Volume 35 No2 - April/May 2010
Planning is underway for this year's Promenade,
"The Roots and Trees of Tustin", on Saturday, May 1 st.
Houses have been selected and flyers for volunteers were
sent in the last issue of the Heritage. If you have misplaced
your copy and you are interested in helping in some way,
please call the Museum. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
The Promenade Committee is soliciting ads for our tour booklet,
and we will take ads of a personal nature as well.

Congratulations to our Third grade winners of the
JoAnn Bollesen Art Contest. They received tickets to
Knott's Berry Farm and "Broadway in the Park" Great job, kids!

We are again involved with Tustin's Chili Cook-Off, slated for
Sunday, June 6th• Last year was our first experience manning
a food booth, and the receipts from the sale of food and drinks
were a pleasant surprise. We are going to do it again this year
and will doubtless benefit from last year's experience.
We learned a lot. Come and join us for a fun day

Joe Sprekelmeyer, President